Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer | Specialising in folk and acoustic music


Simpson Street Studios is a small high quality recording studio, only 6 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne City Centre.


The studio is run by Ian Stephenson, a respected musician and composer with a vast amount of experience in audio production, mixing and mastering.


Studio acoustic treatment was designed in consultation with Ethan Winer, and is currently +/- 4db from 20hz-20Khz, with incremental improvements being made to ensure the acoustics of the room are as good as possible. The reverberation time conforms to BBC control room requirements for music production.


The main room is large enough for a full drum kit or a 4 piece acoustic ensemble, and is equally well set up for tracking a full band live or building up songs with overdubs.  A second separate space is available for use as a vocal booth.


The equipment has been handpicked for its sound quality and technical specifications and is well maintained and can cater for a wide range of client needs.
Several high profile artists have recorded tracks here, most recently Kathryn Tickell, Alistair Anderson & Luke Daniels.


Contact: +44 (0) 7733 326 903  or  ianstephenson (at) me.com