Previous Clients

Our Clients list includes BBC Folk Award Winners, Hollywood Movie Soundtracks and World Class Musicians.

A selection of clients who have recorded, mixed or mastered at Simpson Street Studios:

Kathryn Tickell OBE (Sting, BBC Folk Awards Best Musician)
Luke Daniels (Riverdance, De Dannan)
Alistair Anderson (Kate Bush, Richard Thompson)
Bryony Griffith (BBC Folk Award nominee with Demon Barbers)
Shona Mooney (BBC Radio Scotland’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year)
Pons Aelius (Danny Kyle Award Winners)
Jenny Lascelles
Kari MacLeod
The Lindie Quartet
Chris Meredith & Nellie Quinn
Voices of Hope
Niamh Regan
Sam Partridge & Grace Smith
NK Forster Guitars
Broom Bezzums
Andy May Trio
Border Bard
Stocksfield Stompers
Rachel Hamer Band