Equipment List

Studio Monitors

Dynaudio BM15A Pair
Blue Sky Mediadesk 2.1 system


Yamaha U30 – fully reconditioned and tuned regularly. Tuning may be arranged for £60 prior to a session.


4 x channels Audient Mico Series w/Variphase and HMX
2 x channels RME Micstacy
8 x channels RME Octamic II
1 x channel Neve 72 clone (SCA N72)


2 x DPA (B&K) 4006 (transformer-balanced version)
DPA 4060
2 x Michael Joly MJE384
MP V12 (hand built AKG C12 valve mic clone with Handmade Tim Campbell Danish Capsule)
Aston Origin
SE VR1 Voodoo Ribbon
SE 4400a
XIX Pure 1
Rode NT1a (with upgraded capsule)
Shure Beta 57 (80s vintage mk1)
D&M Kick drum mic


3Ghz Quad-Core Mac Pro (custom Hackintosh)
RME Fireface UCX (provides master clock)


Cubase Pro 8 DAW
DSP Quattro v4 Mastering Software (Red Book CD Standard & DDP)
Lexicon Native PCM Reverbs
EQuality & EQuick
DC8C2 Compressor
Slate Digital VCC, VMR & FG-X Mastering Limiter
TB FIX dynamic EQ
Waves L2
Waves Maserati GRP
Aether Algorithmic Reverb
B2 Reverb


Beyerdynamic DT880pro
3 x AudioTechnica M20X
Sennheiser HD25 SP
various others


Most XLR cables Van Damme, standard or Star-Quad
9 x Tall Stands (Beyer, premium K&M or similar
1 x short stand (suitable for kick drum or low profile video work)